Organic Mediterranean Penne bolognaise (Wholemeal)

The Food Life

Perfect dinner or main meal when carb loading the day before a football game. When I’m prepping Brad’s meals I always ensure that wheat is not consumed on game day as it’s known to because they can have the tendency to cause bloating which can affect performance. Carb ratio is about 70% when in the carb loading phase.

Organic meats are expensive however essential for an athlete to achieve optimal performance as its free from nasty toxins such as chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and additives, our bodies are able to break it down at a much faster and more efficient rate.

I don’t like to completely cook the veges as it destroys the nutrients and goodness so I always partially roast them separately and add them in to the bolognaise sauce at the end.


Organic Grass fed beef mince
Spanish Onion
Garlic cloves
Red capsicum
Fresh Basil

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