Professional Football Profile

Brad McDonald Central Coast Mariners

Brad McDonald Central Coast Mariners

Name: Bradley James McDonald
D.O.B: 17th February 1990
Place of Birth: Kudijip, Papua New Guinea
Height: 171cm (5 ft 7 1/2 inches)
Preferred foot: Left
Playing Position: Left midfield/Left Back

Brad McDonald is an Australian football (soccer) player currently playing in the NSW Premier League for APIA Leichhardt Tigers and formerly playing for the Central Coast Mariners in the Hyundai A-League.

Mcdonald is also apart of the Papua New Guinea National football team participating in International friendlies in the lead up to the Pacific Games 2015

McDonald began his career with the Brisbane Roar in their National youth programme before heading to the Brisbane Strikers in the QSL competition.

On 12 August 2010, McDonald was signed by the North Queensland Fury. McDonald made his debut for the club against Adelaide United coming off the bench. He has been a regular starter since his debut.

On 15 April 2011 he signed for 2 years with Hyundai A-League outfit Central Coast Mariners winning a minor premiership and most recently in April 2013 won the A league grand final premiership against the Western Sydney Wanderers.

22 responses to “Professional Football Profile

    • Thanks mate. I really appreciate it.

      Hope the “everyone is a winner” league gets sorted out as winning and losing plays a massive role in sport and life.

  1. Australian soccer has come a long way (don’t tell the cricketers) and now plays on the world stage. Well done making the professionals, something I never quite made, did play for the Royal Navy once against the Army. Thanks for visiting my blog

    • It’s has irishoverpei! It will continue to grow as we keep on qualifying for the World Cup.
      Thanks for the comment and a lot of respect for you for serving you country in the Royal Navy!

  2. Hey Brad, Thanks for following soccerlists. Thought I would check out your blog. Congrats on making making the pro leagues mate.Must be cool to play under Graham Arnold. May write a little article on you for the site. All the best from the UK.

    • Hi there. No worries I find your post very interesting! It was very good playing under Graham Arnold, I learnt so much over the past 2 years.

      That would be very cool if you have any queries just send me an email.


  3. Hi Brad, Thanks for visiting my blog. Its pleasure to meet you since i too am a football fan and plays not in the level you play.. LOL.. You are a true player so expecting to hear more from your blog. Keep going forward. All the best bro.

    Take care

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog Brad. Will need to look out for you next time I’m at an A league game, though most likely I’ll be going for the other side (Melbourne =P).

  5. Yo ure pretty good. I watched some of your YouTube clips. Keep reading my blog bro. Sadly, I’ll never see you play since I’m in the states

    • Hi Ev, no problems it was very interesting. Oh are you really. I’m not originally from here but I would call it home now. There is a lot of good players here on the central coast!

  6. Hey Brad, thanks so much for visiting my blog,
    and for following! So rad! Looks like you have a crazy busy, but incredibly successful life! I doubt you’ll be having time to make homemade raw milk kefir ice cream though. =) If you do end up making it, stop by and and give us your feedback if you are able. That would be great! You know, my brother spent an entire summer in PNG back in 1985. He loved it! He stayed in a really remote village that he had to get to by boat. He was only 15 years old. He went in with a team, and they built an airstrip. He said the people were so warm and kind. They took him boar hunting, had the best fruit he’s ever tasted, learned to climb trees a “new” way, and went on all kinds of adventures! I remember he came back with amazing stories, beads and feathers, Cassowary bone daggers, machetes, treasured necklaces that his friends had given him, all gifts his friends had given him. He doesn’t keep much, but he still has every single thing that was given to him on the trip, less the Billabong jacket he bought in Australia. He got rid of that.
    Hope you’re able to play in the USA one day for our benefit! Take care, Bradly!

    • No problem. To be honest I do have some time to make ice cream but I’m not too good in the kitchen so I best not attempt it!
      Oh really that amazing, does he remember what the island is called?
      Yes they have all kinds of amazing things that they make, my mother has heap around the house.
      Hopefully I do as well I would like to visit America!

  7. Thank you for liking my post. I was so excited to tell my son. He plays futbol(soccer as it is called here). We had just got home from a game. He also plays left mid. Just wanted to share our excitement with you, and we will be following your career. The first thing he did was check to see if you were on FiFA, and he said they will more and likely add you when they have the update.

  8. Okay, you’ve been coming around American Geißbock enough to where I was compelled to return the visit.

    My knowledge of Aussie soccer is really limited, but I had a great time with your countrymen who visited Atlanta for the Olympics and attended some field hockey games. Great sports fans!

    Best of luck to you!

  9. Thanks for checking out my blog. I played pro softball in Sweden this summer, it was awesome. Hope you go all the way in your career 🙂
    Do you have Instagram or are you on some other social network?

  10. Nice video. Like the quick short passing game. The world game has quality overshadowed by the big leagues. Absolute passionate about soccer but love to watch Aussie Rules. Was in Perth for the Americas Cup thanks to the Navy. Getting back there is high on the Bucket list. Thought about the NASL? I support Detroit City FC, $th tier summer league. The official game video is good the YouTube on the supporter section is better. Check it out.

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