Background Information

Brad Soccer 9

  • Born in Papua New Guinea in 1990
  • At age 5, McDonald moved to Caboolture in Queensland, Australia and graduated high school in 2007.
  • McDonald’s passion for soocer began at the age of 6 when he first entered the local competition
  • He represented the state of Queensland, Australia from under 12’s to under 15’s which included international representation.
  • McDonald was granted a scholarship to the Queesland Academy of Sport
  • Selected for the Brisbane Roar National Youth Team.
  • After graduating high school he completed a Cert III & Cert IV in fitness and became a personal trainer at bootcamps Australia in New Farm, Queensland whilst simultaneously pursuing a career in professional football.
  • His first professional football contract came at the age of 20 with the North Queensland Fury.
  • After a year with North QLD Fury, McDonald signed with the Central Coast Mariners for 2 years.
  • Currently he is also involved in soccer development and coaching for children aged 5-14 on the Central coast, NSW, Australia

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4 responses to “Background Information

  1. Hi there, for some reason you liked my Cairnes Blog earlier today. You are 23, I am 60. We do have things in common. Can’t stand thugby, but love soccer. I was conceived in PNG! ( my dad was drilling for oil at the time) one big ask…if you ever get the chance, try and help refugees and their kids. They almost all play soccer, and need someone on their side. I used to work with young asylum seekers in the UK. They had nothing, and no one, but giving them encouragement to play soccer and enjoy the beautiful game was a real morale booster. Cheers Bradly

  2. Thanks for the like on my site Bradly – it’s fun to see someone else with a PNG connection (I spent eleven years there between age 4 and 18). Had some good holidays in Australia, but they were all east coast – Brisbane, Sydney, Cairnes, etc. Best of luck with the football career!

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