Age limit and Weight Training

Brad Mcdonald - Strikers

Brad Mcdonald – Strikers

Weights involved with training can have a huge benefit in your progression with any sport. It improves your strength, agility, power and acceleration. When dealing with children or teenagers, is there a specific age where they should begin weight training?

It’s quite a touchy topic as every parent or coach will have a different opinion. Some scientific studies have been conducted and various ages have been recommended when it comes to what age they should begin with weights. Everyone is going to have a different answer or agree with some and disagree with others opinions, but I’m sure there is some sort of middle ground.

Personally I started my weight training at the age of 14 with the Queensland Academy of Sport on a regular basis about twice a week. I could see great improvement in my performance on the pitch and even in training. The power in my legs improved and I could accelerate off the mark quicker, jump higher and change direction with much less effort. However I didn’t know if it was the right age to be using weights, I just did what the coach told me to do.

Could I have been fully developed? Could I have been lifting weights that put stress on my growth plates? Or could I have put too much strain on my muscles and tendons that would lead to injuries?

For me there is no right or wrong answer but I think that it is an open forum and I would like to hear everyone’s stories or point of view as I can understand both side of this discussion. So please let me know your thoughts!

3 responses to “Age limit and Weight Training

  1. I think 14 is the perfect age to start weight training! I started following you because my 7 yr old lives for soccer and really is just incredible… 🙂 not just saying that. Lol . Looking forward to more articles! Thx!

  2. hi Brad, I’d love to know your opinion on protein powder. Do you think it’s necessary for someone who exercises regularly? Have you posted anything on it? I’d love to read it if you have

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